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2023 Sessions

The 2023 Nevada Traffic Safety Summit hosted the following workshops and special sessions.

Tuesday | September 12, 2023

Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Incident Debriefings/Table Top Exercises

Facilitators: Pat Gallagher and David Strawn, Parsons

In the TIM system, table top exercises are used to bring other First Responder disciplines together to strategize efforts that may take place during a crash scene. Often in these exercises, First Responder disciplines change roles for the scripted scenarios to help everyone understand each other’s roles and responsibilities while on scene and to promote working together. These exercises help bring awareness to all involved so they can be as safe as possible while performing their critical responsibilities.

Debriefings of a moderate to complicated crash event have proven very useful to help identify possible ways to improve crash scene practices for all involved. In this session, we will discuss the value of debriefings and those items that can be learned. The discussion will focus on the purpose of debriefings as they are not to put blame on any one discipline or person, but rather to focus on what can we learn from the event review and what actions items can be taken forward.

Motorcycle Riders: Vegas Trends and Dissecting a Crash 

Moderator: Justin McDonald, OTS

Facilitators: Sgt. Stuart Richmond, Sgt, Richard Rundell, and Sgt. Russ Bybee, LVMPD

This educational session will present the facets of motorcycle rider focused crash reconstruction methods and Clark County top issues. This session will also briefly cover current statistics in the state. The presenters will host a Q&A panel towards the latter portion of this session.

Child Passenger Safety (CPS) Technician Skills Workshop 

Facilitators: Johnean Morrison and Judith Mata, OTS

The Occupant Protection Program of the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety is excited to present the opportunity to earn CEUs with Nevada CPS Technician Instructors from around the state. Join us for a day of learning and networking.

Below 100 Law Enforcement Training

Facilitator: Jeff Stewart, Below 100

Community Engagement Charette: Does Speed Matter?

Facilitators: Erin Breen, UNLV; Tiffani May, OTS; Shara Thiesen, NDOT

The speed vehicles travel is the top contributor in one-third of Nevada’s road fatalities; join us for a conversation about how fast our roads are (i.e., posted speed and how fast drivers travel, i.e., speeding). What are the differences, the consequences, and how can your perception of speed contribute to lives saved? We will be diving into the data on rural roads and Clark County roads and, with your assistance, developing strategies for a safe system approach to assist communities across Nevada attempting to slow fatalities down to a safe stop

Lunch Sessions

Joining Forces Awards

Facilitators: Carrie Krupp, OTS and Major Kevin Honea, NHP

Law Enforcement Community Engagement

Facilitators: Gina Espinosa-Salcedo, NHTSA

TIM Mass Casualty Incident (MCI) Demonstration and Training Exercise

Facilitators: Pat Gallagher and David Strawn, Parsons

Parsons will coordinate with local First Responders and provide all activities necessary to conduct a full-scale crash demonstration during the 2023 Nevada Traffic Safety Summit held on September 12, 2023. This TIM event will provide an excellent forum to conduct a mock crash event since these exercises are typically more effective when combined with additional education and training. In this exercise/mock crash event, players will respond to a crash scene scenario as they would in an actual emergency. The simulation will be realistic and plausible, containing sufficient detail from which to respond while aligning with all TIM foundational principals and guidelines. Members will be forced to react to the information and situations as they are presented, in the same manner as if this had been a real-world event. These exercises can be a great tool to promote agency innovation and identify any improvement areas or additional training needs.

CPS Technician Skills Workshop

Facilitators: Johnean Morrison and Judith Mata, OTS

Ignition Interlock Device Training

Facilitator: Dani Hafeman, OTS

Presenter: Toby Taylor and Smart Start

Impaired Driving Prevention: The Power of Victim Involvement 

Facilitator: Brennan White, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Have you ever wondered what it is like for victims of DUI crashes? What happens when their world is shaken by an unexpected traumatic event? Although the journey looks different for everyone, MADD is dedicated to helping them through it all. We will look at what happens to victims after a DUI crash and how they can use their voice for impact. This session places value on victims’ voices and how important they are in our community.

Grant Writing Initiative Workshop

Moderator: Perry Gross, NDOT

Facilitators: Andrea Gutierrez, FHWA; Rebecca Kapuler, NDOT; Tyler Arson, City of North Las Vegas; Erin Breen and Chris Stream, UNLV; Kristin Stout, Governor’s Office of Federal Assistance

Looking to successfully receive discretionary grant resources to advance your good ideas and initiatives? This session will give you the confidence and practical insights to organize and write winning grant proposals for the expanding discretionary grant programs surrounding transportation, transportation safety, and mobility. Insights on tracking grant programs, successfully reading Notice of Funding Opportunities (NOFOs), understanding the award criteria, identifying distinguishing elements for your initiative, and other grant writing topics will be covered. We will use an actual US Department of Transportation grant opportunity as a case study.


Wednesday | September 13, 2023


Breakfast/Welcome Session Session

Community Showcase

Presenters: Eric Hawkins, City of Henderson; Daniel Fazekas, RTC Southern Nevada; Lia Grimaldi, City of Las Vegas

Click here to view session materials

High-Risk DUI Preview

Facilitator: Mark Stodola, APPA Probation Fellow


Safety Bike Ride and Debrief

How to Identify High-Risk Impaired Drivers and Reduce the Risk They Pose 

Moderator: Judge Michael Montero

Facilitator: Mark Stodola, APPA Probation Fellow

Every year, approximately one million individuals in the United States are arrested for impaired driving. Research shows that about two-thirds of the first-time offenders never commit a subsequent impaired driving offense. However, the other third continues to drink, drug, and drive despite multiple convictions and the sanctions that accompany these offenses. In fact, over 73% of impaired drivers involved in fatal crashes are repeat offenders. How can practitioners determine which of these individuals is most at risk to reoffend and how can they be stopped? This interactive presentation addresses the effective management of high-risk drunk drivers through researched-based, DWI-specific screening and assessment. Topics will address how DWI risk/need screening and assessment tools determine appropriate community supervision practices, and placement into treatment programs specifically designed for individuals convicted of impaired driving.


  • Participants will identify how OWI assessments impact sentencing and supervision strategies
  • Participants will identify the characteristics and profiles of OWI offenders and the criminogenic risk factors that increase their likelihood of recidivating
  • Participants will understand the need and impact of treatment programming for high-risk impaired drivers with multiple convictions

Young Drivers’ Views on Traffic Safety

Moderator: Glen Taylor, OTS

Panelists: Fiona Morgan, Prinz Villagracia, Ashton Osbahr, Sanaye Furukawa, Lonel Vasqiez-Ramos

Connecting State and Local Traffic Safety Plans and Priorities

Moderator: Amy Davey, OTS

Panelists: Eric Hawkins, City of Henderson; Daniel Fazekas, RTC Southern Nevada; Sean Robinson, City of Las Vegas; Lacey Tisler, NDOT

Keynote  Luncheon

Presenter: Dr. Tara Goddard, Texas A&M University

Dr. Tara Goddard is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University. After earning a master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California, Davis, she worked as an Associate Transportation Planner for the City of Sacramento and then served 2007-2011 as the Bicycle/Pedestrian Program Coordinator for the City of Davis. Realizing she was a research geek at heart, Dr. Goddard returned to school and earned her PhD in Urban Studies at Portland State University. She joined the faculty of Texas A&M in 2017, where her research focuses on transportation safety, particularly the interactions of transportation culture, behavior, and infrastructure on the experiences and safety outcomes for people who walk and wheel.

Walking Our Talk: How Traffic Safety Culture Starts with Us

We are all committed to increasing roadway safety and reducing serious injuries and fatalities, but progress can seem frustratingly and even mysteriously slow. What role might traffic safety culture play in that, and what can we do to improve it? What even IS traffic safety culture? What does it look like within our agencies? Are we holding ourselves to the same standards we want to see out on our streets? Dr. Goddard will share her views on traffic safety culture as a transportation researcher and former practitioner, and push all of us to reflect on how everything from our guidance documents and internal communications to our daily behavior helps or hinders our progress on our Vision Zero goals.

Roadside Oral Fluid Testing

Moderator: Rob Honea, OTS

Presenters: David Astles, Washoe County Sheriff’s Office; Chuck DeWeese, Responsibility.org; Shannon Bryant, Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor, Washoe County District Attorney; Adam Blount, Reno Police Department

This session will define oral fluid, describe the differences between preliminary and evidential testing, and explain how roadside testing is conducted and when in the investigative process testing is administered. Attendees will also learn about the current policy landscape of oral fluid testing across the United States, the various pathways for program implementation, and the results and findings from states that have effectively implemented roadside testing. The session is designed to help toxicologists, law enforcement, attorneys, and other traffic safety partners successfully implement the use of oral fluid in Nevada.

Click here to view session materials

Click here to view session materials

Speed Work Zones, and Proven Safety Countermeasures

Moderator: Jorden Kaczmarek, NDOT

Smart Work Zones and Nevada

Facilitator: Casey Sylvester, NDOT

Safe Speeds and Proven Countermeasures

Facilitator: Maurilio Olivares, NDOT

Informing CFM’s with LiDAR Analysis

Facilitator: Cole Peiffer, Alta Planning + Design

Click here to view session materials

Adaptive Mobility

Moderator: Carrie Krupp, OTS

Evaluation Senior Drivers for Continued Safe Driving

Facilitator: Deborah Hansen, Adaptive Driving Rehab

Older Driver Behavior Study

Facilitator: Dr. Seri Park, UNR

Talking Our Walk: Examining and Improving Safety Culture at Every Level

Moderator: Todd Hartline, OTS

Facilitator: Tara Goddard, Texas A&M University

In this hands-on breakout session, come prepared to dig into specific examples of how a proactive culture of safety gets created through communications, reports, and guidance standards specific to your professional area.

How to Testify in Administrative Court

Moderator: Sgt. David Stoddard, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Presenter: Jonathan Lord, Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles, Office of Administrative Hearings

Officers are far more likely to testify in an administrative hearing than in a criminal trial, and yet few officers are aware of ground rules and the possible hurdles they face during an administrative hearing. This session will help officers: (1) understand the differences between the administrative and criminal processes, (2) clarify the officer’s role as an unrepresented witness in an administrative hearing, and (3) identify the advantages and disadvantages of the administrative process.

The video below is a recording of this session.

Let’s Get Real About Fatalities in Nevada

Moderator: Amanda Brandenburg, OTS

Being a Pedestrian Focus State- Good, Bad, or Opportunity?

Facilitator: Jeff Shaw, FHWA Office of Safety

Click here to view session materials

Vulnerable Road User Safety Assessment

Facilitator: McKenna Bacon, NDOT

Click here to view session materials

Advanced Intersection Analytics Pilot Study

Facilitator: Theresa Gaisser, RTC FAST

Traffic Records: What Data is Safety Data? How do We Get it? 

Moderator: Kevin Tice, OTS

AI-Driven Automatic Extraction of Intersection Geometry and Control Types for MIRE Data Requirement

Facilitator: Dr. Hao Xu, UNR

Traditional and Emerging Transportation Safety Data Sources

Facilitator: Dr. Shashi Nambisan and Khandaker “Arafin” Islam, UNLV

Manual Work Delegation to an AI-Supported Computer

Facilitator: Dr. Jay Park, UNLV

Enforcement Mobile Overview and Reporting

Presenters: Matt Mentemeier and Ken Baldwin, Tyler Technologies

This training includes a brief review and demo of Tyler Enforcement Mobile report capabilities, including ad hoc reporting. We will also go over tips and tricks for Enforcement Mobile Web Portal and Q&A.


Thursday | September 14, 2023


Traffic Safety Legislative Policy Priorities

Facilitators: Amy Davey, OTS, Lacey Tisler, NDOT

Panelists: Assemblywoman Tracy Brown-May, Assemblywoman Danielle Gallant, Senator Dallas Harris, Assemblywoman Brittney Miller, Assemblywoman Shondra Summers-Armstrong

Safety – This is Your Life

Moderator: Susan Martinovich, HNTB

Panelists: Jenica Keller, NDOT; Sean Sever, DMV; Amy Davey, OTS; Lt. Col. Martin Mleczko, DPS; Kelly Norman, CAMPO; Andrew Bennett Clark County Office of Traffic Safety; Joey Paskey, League of Cities/City of Las Vegas

Nevada Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety Meeting

Public Meeting