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Zero Fatalities Partners share in a commitment to traffic safety and to the
safety of their networks, whether that be employees, patrons, family members
or friends. We encourage you to share the message – it could help to save a

Partner Benefits

  • Proactively safeguard your organization from traffic fatalities that could
    result in loss of life and financial burden
  • Put preventative measures in place to protect against potential liabilities
    associated with work-related crashes
  • Fulfill Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives related to
    strategic plans and safety goals
  • Demonstrate your school or organization’s commitment to your students,
    members and community
  • Implement an employee engagement program tied to safety, safe driving or
    workplace to show care and concern
  • Provide safety supplement to HR departments to include in employee training
    and onboarding
  • Address specific traffic issues: impaired driving, distracted driving,
    speeding, motorcycle safety, pedestrian and intersection safety
  • Obtain best practices and assistance in drafting cell phone use policy
    (while driving)

Available Resources

Custom Marketing Toolkits

  • Digital content:
    • Website banners
    • Email content
    • Social media content
    • Fact sheets
  • Printed collateral:
    • Posters
    • Pop-up banners
    • Rack cards
    • Brochures
    • Safe driving pledge board

Traffic Safety Experts 

  • Speakers to host in-person education sessions, presentations or webinars
  • Certified Child Passenger Safety car seat personnel
  • Assistance with employer traffic safety programs and policies


The following is a partial list of partners. Thank you for your support.


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