297 people lost their lives in motorcycle-related crashes on Nevada roads between 2015 - 2019.

The Nevada Crash Data Dashboard provides information on who is involved in motorcycle-related driving fatalities and fatal crashes, where and when these crashes occurred, and why they happened. Nevada’s strategies to reduce motorcycle-related fatalities and serious injuries are listed below.

Zero Fatalities
Task Force Leaders

Vice Chair: Alex Carrillo, Department of Public Safety (DPS) Office of Traffic Safety (OTS), Nevada Rider

Facilitator: Lindsay Saner, P.E., PTOE, RSP1, Kimley-Horn

  1. Conduct public education programs for high-risk motorcyclist behaviors (speeding, aggressive, reckless, and impaired riding) and for motorists to yield to motorcycles.
  2. Increase the percentage of motorcyclists that are trained and licensed.
  3. Integrate the unique characteristics of motorcycles and rider vulnerability into motorcycle-friendly roadway design, traffic control, construction, and maintenance policies and practices.
  4. Increase crash survivability through education and training.
Motorcycle Safety Task Force Meeting MinutesPDF12/2020
Motorcycle Safety Task Force Quarterly Summary ReportPDF04/2020
Countermeasures that Work - MotorcyclesPDFN/A
Motorcycle Road Safety Audit Case StudiesPDF05/2016