What is the SHSP?

Nevada’s SHSP is a statewide, comprehensive safety plan that provides a coordinated framework for reducing fatalities and serious injuries on all Nevada public roads. The SHSP strategically establishes statewide goals, critical emphasis areas (CEAs), and strategies developed in consultation with federal, state, local, and private-sector safety stakeholders.

Nevada, under the leadership of the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT), completed development of the first SHSP in 2006. The plan was updated in 2011 (2011-2016 Plan) and 2016 (2016-2020 Plan). A broad range of state agencies and other organizations actively participate in the SHSP process through the Nevada Executive Committee on Traffic Safety (NECTS) and the CEA Task Forces. The process involves review of the data and results in strategies and action steps for the seven CEAs.

CEA Task Forces

Task Forces lead development and assist with implementation of multidisciplinary goals and strategies to combat traffic fatalities and serious injuries in each team’s respective emphasis area. They also ensure team membership is multidisciplinary and includes representatives from a minimum of three of the 4Es of safety (engineering, enforcement, education, and emergency medical services), and follow up with state SHSP coordinators if assistance is needed on team composition.

CEA Task Forces Include:


Safety Committees