Between 2013 and 2017, 393 pedestrians lost their lives and 789 were seriously injured in pedestrian crashes on Nevada roadways. The goal of the Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) is to reach zero fatalities. Nevada’s Pedestrian Safety Critical Emphasis Area Fact Sheet provides information on who is involved in fatal and serious-injury pedestrian crashes, where and when these crashes occurred, and why they happened. The Fact Sheet also outlines critical strategies and action steps the State of Nevada plans to take in reducing impaired driving crashes in efforts to reach our goal of zero fatalities..

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Task Force Leaders

Erin Breen, UNLV Vulnerable Road Users Project
Vice Chair
Bill Story, Nevada Department of Transportation, Multimodal Planning
Molly O’Brien, Kimley-Horn


December 6, 2018 – Intersection Safety and Pedestrian Safety Task Force Meetings

Strategies and Action Steps

Reduce pedestrian exposure through roadway modifications
  1. Reduce speeds along corridors with high pedestrian activity and/or potential for crashes
  2. Implement complete street
  3. Reduce pedestrian exposure by providing bulb-outs, median refuge, tighter radii at crosswalks, narrowing the pavement width, off-set sidewalks, etc.
  4. Modify signal timing to provide accommodations for pedestrians and bicyclists (advance green for pedestrian walk times at high pedestrian use locations)
 Improve drivers’ ability to see pedestrians
  1. Apply the NDOT Process for the Evaluation of Uncontrolled Crosswalk Locations at all legal uncontrolled crosswalk locations whether existing or proposed
  2. Provide lighting at pedestrian crossing locations
Improve driver and pedestrian awareness and behavior
  1. Implement Pedestrian Safety Zones
  2. Collaborate on and provide support for pedestrian safety awareness campaigns – target messages to impacted groups based on data analysis
  3. Collaborate on and provide support for programs that promote walking or biking to school and include safety education to schoolchildren and parents
  4. Provide and publicize targeted law enforcement events so that law enforcement can educate/ticket non-compliant motorists and pedestrians
  5. Prioritize and plan Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) language and key bill provisions

Advisory Opinions

Based on national research and the potential for saving lives throughout the state, the Nevada SHSP Pedestrian Safety Task Force strongly recommends the following Advisory Opinions:

  • Adding language to allow roadway jurisdictions to determine when the flashers and school crossing zones should be active
  • Modify NRS 484B.283.1(a) to Remove “Yield” and replace with “Stop”
  • Modify NRS 484B.283.1.(d)(2) to allow pedestrians to enter a crosswalk on a flashing “Don’t Walk” sign with a countdown timer if they know they can make it across before it gets to zero.


Agendas and Minutes



Intersection Safety and Pedestrian Safety Task Force Meeting Agenda PDF 12/2018
Intersection Safety and Pedestrian Safety Task Force Meeting Minutes PDF 09/2018

Fact Sheets

Pedestrian Safety Critical Emphasis Area Fact Sheet PDF 09/2017

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