Nevada Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety

The role of the Nevada Advisory Committee on Traffic Safety (NVACTS) is to provide guidance, approval, and consensus on the Highway Safety Plan, among the many local, state, and federal agencies with a stake in traffic safety.  NVACTS establishes policies and procedures, reviews progress, provides advice, support and assistance on specific strategies, addresses challenges, and removes barriers as appropriate. 


Member Agencies

  • Nevada Department of Transportation
  • Nevada Department of Public Safety
    • Office of Traffic Safety
    • Nevada Highway Patrol
  • Nevada Department of Education
  • Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
  • Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Nevada Association of Counties
  • Nevada League of Cities
  • Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association
  • Nevada State Assembly Committee on Growth and Infrastructure
  • Nevada State Senate Committee on Growth and Infrastructure
  • Administrative Office of the Courts
  • Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada
  • Carson Area Metropolitan Planning Organization
  • Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada
  • Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County
  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas Transportation Research Center
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Medicine

Andrew Bennett, Nevada Association of Counties/Clark County Office of Traffic Safety 

Vice Chair
Sean Sever, Department of Motor Vehicles


NVACTS meets quarterly on the 2nd Thursday of the months of March, June, September, and December.

September 8, 2022 – Q3 Meeting View Notes

December 8, 2022 – Q4 Meeting

March 9, 2023 – Q1 Meeting

NVACTS Quarterly Meeting - 9/8/2022Video09/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting Minutes (Q3)PDF09/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting Agenda (Q3)PDF09/2022
2022 NVACTS Annual Report (Report Only)PDF08/2022
2022 NVACTS Annual Report (With Appendices)PDF08/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting - 6/9/2022Video06/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting Minutes (Q2)PDF06/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting Agenda (with attachments) (Q2)PDF06/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting Minutes (Special Meeting)PDF04/2022
Graduated Drivers License White PaperPDF04/2022
Higher Fines in School Zones White PaperPDF04/2022
Primary Seatbelt Laws White PaperPDF04/2022
Road Safety Cameras White PaperPDF04/2022
Roadside Oral Fluid White PaperPDF04/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting - 4/14/2022Video04/2022
NVACTS Quarterly Meeting Minutes (with attachments) (Q1)PDF02/2022
NVACTS Information GuidePDF07/2021
NVACTS ByLawsPDF02/2021