Occupant Protection

344 unbelted vehicle occupants lost their lives in crashes on Nevada roadways between 2015 - 2019.

The Nevada Crash Data Dashboard provides information on who is involved in unbelted driving fatalities and fatal crashes, where and when these crashes occurred, and why they happened. Nevada’s strategies to reduce unbelted driving fatalities and serious injuries are listed below.

Zero Fatalities
Task Force Leaders

Vice Chair: Laura Gryder, MA, UNLV School of Medicine

Facilitator: Lindsay Saner, P.E., PTOE, RSP1, Kimley-Horn

  1. Improve occupant protection use laws.
  2. Maximize proper restraint use by coordinating training and checkpoints with enforcement and the medical community.
  3. Create awareness of proper restraint use with public outreach activities.
  4. Analyze data and prepare documents to support occupant protection use.
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