Safer Roads

Critical Emphasis Areas
Safe Speeds
Lane Departures

The Safer Roads Key Area includes emphasis areas relative to the built environment. The Safer Roads Key Area will implement actions to reduce fatalities and serious injuries due to Speed, Lane Departures, Intersections, and Work Zones.

Chair: Lacey Tisler, NDOT Traffic Safety Engineering

Safe Speed Vice Chair: Vacant

Lane Departures Vice Chair: Shawn Paterson, NDOT Design

Intersections Vice Chair: Rod Schilling, NDOT Traffic Operations

Facilitator: Molly O’Brien, Kimley-Horn

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August 4, 2022 – Safer Roads Key Area Task Force Meeting

May 2022 Nevada SHSP Safer Roads Key Area Meeting SummaryPDF05/2022
FHWA Proven Safety Countermeasures HandoutPDF01/2022
2022 Roadmap of State Highway Safety LawsPDF01/2022
FHWA Proven Safety Countermeasure BookletPDF10/2021