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Safe Speed

From 2017-2021, a total of 491 speeding-related fatalities and 436 fatal speeding-related crashes occurred on Nevada roadways during this time frame.

The Nevada Crash Data Dashboard provides information on who is involved in speed-related driving fatalities and fatal crashes, where and when these crashes occurred, and why they happened. Nevada’s strategies to reduce speed-related driving fatalities and serious injuries are listed below. Read more about the Speed Management Action Plan here.

Zero Fatalities
Task Force Leaders

Vice Chair: Todd Hartline, Department of Public Safety – Office of Traffic Safety

Facilitator: Tiffany Patrick, Kimley-Horn

  1. Advance the use of infrastructure techniques and technology to manage target speeds and set speed limits.
  2. Utilize high-visibility speeding enforcement targeted at high-risk locations to reduce crash severity.
  3. Improve effectiveness of education and outreach about safe speed and aggressive driving.
Nevada's Speed Management Action PlanPDF2022