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Don't drive impaired.
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Zero Fatalities
Always Drive Sober


Know The Facts

Know The Law

Implied Consent: When you drive in Nevada, you have legally given consent to breath or blood testing. Refusal of testing is grounds for an arrest and law enforcement may use reasonable force to obtain blood samples.

If any detectable amount of a substance that is illegal when driving—even prescription drugs—is found in your blood, you are subject to the same penalties as you would be for alcohol impairment.

Help Save A Life

If you're going to be taking prescription medication, plan ahead:

If your prescription could affect your ability to drive safe, plan to get a ride from family, friends, ride share, a taxi or public transit
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Consult your doctor about the side effects of any prescription medications

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Read any instructions about your prescription before getting behind the wheel

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If you see an impaired driver on the road, call 911