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Safety Spotlight: NDOT Publishes the Speed Management Action Plan

Speeding is widespread throughout Nevada. Between 2015 and 2019, there was an average of 175,000 speeding-related citations per year. The Speed Management Action Plan (SMAP) characterizes Nevada’s speed and speeding-related safety problems and speed management issues; identifies appropriate engineering, enforcement, and educational countermeasures and strategies; and outlines actions that NDOT and partner agencies can take to implement these strategies to reduce speeding and speed-related fatal and serious injury crashes.

The SMAP has three basic approaches to the implementation of strategies and counters: proactive, comprehensive, and systematic. The goals of the SMAP are to reduce fatalities and serious injuries and to improve speed compliance. The primary measures of program effectiveness are safety measures:

  • Reduction in speeding-related fatalities to zero by 2050
  • Number of actions that are completed
  • Adoption of an NDOT policy to use the Strategies to Achieve Desired Operating Speeds Matrix
  • Number of locations where Strategies to Achieve Desired Operating Speeds Matrix are implemented
  • Reduction in 85th percentile speeds to target speed at locations where countermeasure to Achieve Target Speeds are implemented

The program will be evaluated with respect to changes in crashes, especially fatal and serious injury crashes and speeding-related crashes compared with trends absent the program. Speed measurements provide earlier feedback than crash trends and are a good indicator of safety risk.

Learn more about the SMAP here.