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DUI Prevention for Cannabis Consumption Lounges

In the 2021 Nevada Legislative Session, Assembly Bill 341 was passed to permit Cannabis Consumption Lounges in Nevada. The law limits the number of permits for Cannabis Consumption Lounges to 40, with restrictions:

  • Twenty must be attached to dispensaries
  • Ten can be independent licenses
  • Ten must be allocated to social equity applicants

The Cannabis Compliance Board is overseeing the permits and their requirements. Most of the lounges are located in Clark County and Las Vegas, with a few in Nye County, one in Storey County, and one in Washoe County.

It is expected that consumption lounges will operate similar to a tasting room at a winery. Staff will be trained to educate clients about the products. Products will be single-serve and will be required to be consumed onsite. Outside product will not be permitted, and while lounges can serve food, there will be no alcohol, smoking tobacco products, or vaping.

With a focus on traffic safety, and in an effort to prevent impaired driving, all permit applicants are required to submit a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) Prevention Plan. These plans may include additional education for staff to identify signs of over-consumption, “no tow” policies in parking areas, rideshare discounts, and perks for designated drivers.

For more information on cannabis consumption lounges, please visit the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board’s website: Home – Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board.