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Traffic Safety Grant Funding Opportunities

Letter of InterestThe Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) invites government, non-profit, and community organizations to submit proposals for funding consideration for projects that reduce fatal and serious injury crashes in our communities and on Nevada’s roads. Proposals can be submitted through OTS’ online grant management portal at http://egrants.nv.gov beginning mid-January. Project proposals are submitted through a “Letter of Interest” (LOI) and it is only necessary to provide a summary proposal and estimate of funds in the LOI. If the proposal is approved for further consideration, you will be eligible to complete the OTS grant application; all existing grant funding requirements apply.

Please visit the OTS’ online grant management portal at https://egrants.nv.gov to submit your proposal. Click on new user, or log in if a current user, to the OTS online grants management system, e-Grants. New users will complete the profile form and save. Once approved, an email notification will direct users to e-Grants. Users may then begin completing the LOI form for submission.

You are welcome to contact us to discuss proposed projects, or for additional assistance. Please contact Pete Vander Aa at pvanderaa@dps.state.nv.us or (775) 684-7473.

Grant funds are provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Nevada Department of Transportation for education, enforcement of traffic laws, and adoption of safe driving behaviors that support the State’s Strategic Highway Safety Plan.

The Office of Traffic Safety is specifically interested in proposals that address the following:

  • Speeding and aggressive driving
  • Impaired driving, riding, or walking
  • Pedestrian, bicyclist, and/or motorcycle safety
  • Distracted or drowsy driving
  • Traffic safety studies and improved data collection
  • Public health partnerships
  • Young Driver, Older Driver, and/or programs that reach underserved communities

Projects and programs that introduce innovative ideas or best practices with measurable outcomes are encouraged, as are programs that foster collaboration amongst community resources.

Request for Proposal period opens mid-January 2022. Deadline for completed applications is March 14, 2022

Resources for traffic safety data and recommended countermeasures can be found by following these links: