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Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety Released Latest Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws

Out of control report cover image

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety released the 19th annual edition of the Roadmap of State Highway Safety Laws to address the increase in fatalities on our roadways. The roadmap outlines a comprehensive safety action plan to prevent crashes, fatalities, and injuries. This report follows a recent poll that revealed public concern for the “out of control” death toll and concerns regarding speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and lack of seat belt use.

States are rated on whether they have adopted a specific law, and are given a “green” (good), “yellow” (caution) or “red” (danger).  Nevada received a “yellow” rating.

Nevada is noted in the report as one of only 16 states that have enacted a law requiring rear-facing restraint system through age two. However, several safety laws are still needed, including a primary seat belt law and a number of graduated licensing requirements for younger drivers.  You can read the entire report here.