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Nevada Rider Update

As we move closer to a return to normalcy, we can begin to see the toll that COVID-19 had on our motorcycle program and motorcyclists in the state. Safety course enrollment dropped about 40%, nearly every major motorcycle rally was canceled, and even though there have been fewer people on the road, there was a noticeable increase in motorcycle registrations.

This has caused a surge in riders that want training. This year, Nevada Rider is running four instructor training courses instead of the usual two so that more instructors can receive proper training and allow for the expansion of the motorcycle training courses. Nevada Rider is also pushing ahead with an initiative to get the larger and mostly untapped pool of experienced riders into advanced classes. Part of this initiative includes the Nevada Rider team going out to spread the word at outreach events. This includes two tentatively scheduled rallies this spring: Run-A-Mucca and Street Vibrations. For more information on instructor training and basic and advanced rider training courses, please visit nevadarider.com.