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The Why, What, and Who of the Safe Systems Approach

Robert Wunderlich, Director Center for Transportation Safety at Texas Transportation Institute, will present on the Safe System approach to reducing serious injuries and fatalities on roadways. Recognizing that humans are going to make mistakes, a Safe System reduces opportunities for mistakes and mitigates consequences. He highlights the various aspects of the Safe System, including roadway design that reduces user error and lowers impact forces, and explains what transportation professionals can do to help implement a Safe System approach for all users.

Robert Wunderlich, P.E., Texas A&M Transportation Institute

Robert Wunderlich has been named the acting director for the Center for Transportation Safety at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), a member of the Texas A&M University System. Wunderlich, formerly served as the City of Garland’s senior managing director for transportation, streets, engineering and stormwater, also holds the title of research engineer since he assumed his new duties on July 9.

Wunderlich is responsible for leading the various research programs for the center, which was established by the Texas Legislature in 2001. He is also responsible for promoting the center’s work to all of its internal and external stakeholder groups.

“We are extremely pleased that Robert is joining TTI,” says Bill Stockton, executive associate agency director. “His outstanding reputation and real-world experiences make him an ideal addition to our strong team. We are enthusiastic about the unique attributes that Robert brings to the Institute and look forward to a long and valuable relationship with him.”

Source: Texas A&M Transportation Institute

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