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Boulder Highway Pedestrian Improvement Projects Scheduled at Eight Locations

According to NDOT between July 2011 and July 2016, 116 pedestrians were struck by vehicles along Boulder Highway, 31 were killed and 18 others were seriously injured. Just over a year ago the Boulder Highway Coalition was formed to aid in addressing the issues with the deaths along this dangerous stretch of highway. “There are so many areas that are dark with little to no light. In addition, there is a lot of foot traffic to the casinos where pedestrians do not walk up to the crosswalk but cut through the large medians and the motor vehicles do not see them until it’s too late,” stated Julie Gallagher, a fatality analyst with the DPS Office of Traffic Safety.

Currently, NDOT is conducting a study with stakeholders, including Clark County, City of Henderson, and City of Las Vegas to develop a full makeover of the 16.7-mile Boulder Highway. The study will not be complete for about a year but already eight intersections and midblock crosswalks along Boulder Highway have been chosen for immediate improvement projects in excess of $3 million. The projects will include crossings at the following locations:

  • Between College Avenue and Horizon Drive
  • Hamilton Avenue
  • Boulder Palms Senior Apartments, 4350 Boulder Highway
  • Whitney Avenue
  • Foster Avenue
  • Corn Street and Lorey Street
  • Oakey Boulevard
  • Whitney AvenuePedestrian Improvements Map

Pedestrian improvements will consist of sidewalks, crosswalks, median enhancements, and improved lighting. The initial construction of the improvements is expected to start in the Fall of 2017 with ideas for a long-term corridor makeover in the works. Additional ideas for improvements include converting vehicle travel lanes into dedicated bus and bicycle lanes, with possibly a public park in the median.

In addition to the upcoming projects listed above, NDOT has already began $2.4 million in pedestrian and motorist safety upgrades which include an overhead flashing beacon and Danish-offset median island at the intersection of Boulder Highway and Sun Valley Drive. It is also planned to eliminate left turns from the side streets which will reduce conflicts with pedestrians. Construction on these projects is expected to be finished by late Summer 2017.

For more information about the improvements to Boulder Highway, please visit www.nevadadot.com.

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