The University of Nevada School of Medicine (UNSOM) and the Nevada Department of Public Safety, Office of Traffic Safety formed a partnership to establish a state repository for the storage of medical information regarding traffic related injuries, deaths, and crash records. This partnership created the Center for Traffic Safety Research, which links Nevada motor vehicle crash records and the registry data from all four trauma centers in Nevada: University Medical Center, Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, Dignity Health – St. Rose Dominican Hospital, and Renown Regional Medical Center. The Center for Traffic Safety Research can track the impact of crashes on human life and the cost of care to the medical facilities and the economy. Following are one-page newsletters that provide a snapshot of some of these issues.

Latest TREND Newsletter

TREND Volume 5, No. 5
Special Issue (Hispanic Heritage Month) – Injury and Hospital Resource Utilization Disparities among Hispanic Children


  • TREND Volume 1, No. 5
    Pedestrians and Insurance: The Costs to Nevada Taxpayers for Uninsured Pedestrians
  • TREND Volume 2, No. 5
    Pedestrians: Improper Crossing and Impairment.
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 4
    Speed and Injury Severity in Pedestrian Crashes: Are higher Speeds Significantly Associated with More Severe Injuries?
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 5
    Drugs/Alcohol as a Predictor of Injury Severity in Pedestrian Crashes in Nevada from 2005-2011
  • TREND Volume 4, No. 1
    Prevalence and Distribution of Pedestrian Injuries among Tourists in Nevada
  • TREND Volume 5, No. 2
    Pedestrian Crashes in Nevada: Improper Crossing and Dark Clothing Factors


  • TREND Volume 1, No. 4
    Motorcycle Crashes in Nevada 2005-2010: Speed and Injury Severity when not wearing a helmet
  • TREND Volume 1, No. 6
    Motorcycle Helmet Use and Alcohol/Drug Use 2005-2010
  • TREND Volume 2, No. 3
    Northern Nevada vs Southern Nevada 2005-2010: Motorcycle safety and injury severity.

Motor Vehicle

  • TREND Volume 1, No. 1
    Seatbelt Use and the Cost of Care for Patients
  • TREND Volume 1, No. 2
    Cost of Care – Drinking, Drugs and Driving
  • TREND Volume 1, No. 3
    Hospital Charges for Children – Restraint Use
  • TREND Volume 2, No. 1
    Motor Vehicle Seat Belt Use, Alcohol & Drugs: Is there a difference in these issues when we examine race?
  • TREND Volume 2, No. 4
    Predictable Behavior Patterns: Is there a predictable relationship between behaviors?
  • TREND Volume 2, No. 6
    Gender, Age and Risk Taking Behavior: Differences in risk taking behavior by gender and age groups.
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 1
    Restraint Use and Injury Severity
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 3
    Motor Vehicle Drivers and Alcohol/Drug Use: Is Age/Gender a Statistically Significant Factor?
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 6
    Back to School
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 7
    Injury and Hospital Resource Utilization Disparities among Hispanic Children
  • TREND Volume 5, No. 4
    The Relationship Between Speed And Injuries
  • TREND Volume 6, No. 1
    Buckle-Up, Rear-Seated Teen Passengers!

Multiple Categories

  • TREND Volume 2, No. 2
    Disposition of Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle related trauma patients Nevada trauma patients from 2005-2011
  • TREND Volume 3, No. 2
    Northern Nevada vs Southern Nevada 2005-2010: Is there a difference in safety issues when we examine geographic location?
  • TREND Volume 5, No. 3
    Special Issue (Black History Month) – Restraint Use, Injury and Hospital Resource Utilization: Disparities in Nevada