The Drive to Save Lives

Keynote Lunch Presentation with Cara Filler

Wednesday, October 16, 12:00pm – 1:30pm


An expert on teen driving, graduated licensing and distracted driving, Cara is a highly sought after traffic safety speaker. Cara’s Straight Talk/No Nonsense Traffic Safety presentation will make you more aware of your responsibility when getting behind the wheel of a car, the importance of respecting others and how “Road Sensibility” reduces injuries and fatalities. Cara speaks openly and honestly, engaging her audience with a straightforward, honest and often hilarious delivery that encourages action. You’ll leave wanting to make a difference – and knowing how.

For the last 18 years, Cara has shared her powerful positive leadership and prevention programs with more than 2 million people in 5 countries. She has become one of the most sought after female motivational speakers in her field. She empowers students, teachers, parents and complete strangers to make everyday choices count. Why? Because if it causes just ONE person to care more, speak up and stand out – it’s all worth it!

Cara believes that it is not the events that happen in our lives that make us who we are, but the meaning we give to those events that control the steering wheel of our lives. The road hasn’t always been ‘easy’ for Cara. The day before her 18th birthday, Cara’s world was devastated and forever changed when her identical twin sister, Mairin, was killed in a high speed car crash. From that day forward, Cara committed to helping others put life and its challenges in perspective. She is a dedicated Safety Spaz and encourages everyone no matter your age to listen to your inner voice, stand up to a bully, get out of a speeding car, take the keys from a friend who has been drinking, ask for help or make a hard decision. It could save a life!!

There are few speakers that have the ability to relate to an audience as Cara does. Cara’s passion and commitment to her message is obvious, and her ability to connect with an audience is outstanding!