Since January 1, 2013, commuters traveling Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and the Nevada/California state line are traveling through a “Zero Tolerance Zone”. What does this mean?

From the California state line to Las Vegas, the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) will be cracking down on all traffic violations. To reduce fatalities and injuries, and help make your drive safer, traffic laws will be heavily enforced, from not driving impaired or distracted, to important vehicle safety, and other laws. It’s another reminder to always buckle up, don’t drive impaired, focus on the road, and follow all Nevada traffic safety laws.

There were eight deaths and nearly 3,000 crashes in one recent year alone on I-15 from the state line to the heart of Vegas. The goal of the NHP and all Nevada’s traffic safety partners is to reach zero accidents and zero fatalities, and the I-15 zero tolerance campaign is one way we’re making Nevada a safer place to drive.

In the first two months of the program, 2,707 citations were issued. Of these citations, 2,253 were for speeding; 237 for hazardous moving violations; 70 for seat belt violations; and 147 for other violations. The increased enforcement has helped contribute to a 31% decrease in crashes in the corridor from the same time period last year.