Mia Decker

Crash Date: Oct 21, 2011

About Mia Decker:

It was a beautiful fall afternoon, October 21st, 2011. Three little girls, full of energy and full of life, were skipping ahead of their big sisters after having successfully lobbied for a picnic in the park. Three friends—two five-year-olds and a six-year-old—were holding hands, skipping down the sidewalk without a care in the world. At the neighborhood mid-block crosswalk, they stopped and waited for a car to stop. One did, so happily they skipped. A car behind the first vehicle that had stopped could not see around the vehicle, and swung around the stopped car, hitting the girls at road speed.

Crash Details:

All of the girls were critically injured. Little Mia Decker, who flew 150 feet down the street like a rag doll, was the most critical. Amelia “Mia” Decker’s family, friends and community kept vigil at UMC Trauma for her and the sisters who were with her. All the sisters, including the two 13-year-old chaperones, who were just feet behind them, were left to struggle with what had happened. Three days later, Mia’s parents made the hardest choice a parent can make and took her off life support. At six years of age, the beautiful little girl with big blue eyes, died. The community came together to raise funds for flashing lights at the crosswalk where Mia was killed, but people who cross there still say it is dangerous and cars don’t stop. Maybe they don’t know about the lives changed that day. Mia’s family wants everyone who reads this to treat every intersection like it has three little girls in it…skipping home after an afternoon picnic in the park, on a perfect day.


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    Cecie Decker
    914 days ago
    I am Mias grandmother. Thank you for keeping Mia's story told. So important that this be done. Please watch for pedestrians If you are driving. If you are walking......please watch out for drivers. We must all be cautious!