Zero Fatalities for Children Traveling to School

The 4th Annual Zero Fatalities for Children Traveling to School media week was held in Clark County August 7th through 11th. The event highlighted the ways children travel to school and brought together all of the safety partners to address each travel mode as a group. This made it easy for everyone to participate and to get media coverage. This year, Clark County had media coverage throughout the week, generating dozens of stories (in both English and Spanish) on television, on the radio, and in print. Continue reading “Zero Fatalities for Children Traveling to School”

Teen Driver Safety – New Young Drivers Critical Emphasis Area

Young Drivers LogoTeens contribute to and are injured or killed from vehicle crashes in the U.S. at an alarming rate. In fact, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for youth ages 15-20. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) (Young Drivers: 2015 Data – Traffic Safety Facts, 2017): in 2015, 1,886 15- to 20-year old drivers were killed and an additional 195,000 were injured in motor vehicle crashes. Drivers ages 15-20 account for 5.4% of all licensed drivers in the U.S. but are involved in 9% of all fatal crashes. Continue reading “Teen Driver Safety – New Young Drivers Critical Emphasis Area”

OTS Program Spotlight

Zero101 LogoHigher Learning for College-Aged Drivers

With car crashes continuing to be the number one killer of young adults in the U.S., this August the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety under the Zero Teen Fatalities umbrella launched the Zero101 program. Zero101 is an interactive program that teaches college-aged drivers about the importance of being safe behind the wheel. Our goal is to eliminate needless traffic deaths through safety education and reinforcement. The Zero101 presentation includes a 60-minute, multimedia presentation that helps college-aged drivers learn how to succeed on the road, including focusing on the behaviors defined in the Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP).

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Cars and Cops Program

This school year, Zero Teen Fatalities launched a new sub-program designed to keep teen drivers safe on the road. Cars and Cops is a 45-minute, hands-on interactive high school event that partners with local automotive maintenance providers and local law enforcement to teach teens about basic automobile maintenance and what to expect when interacting with local law enforcement. Continue reading “Cars and Cops Program”

What’s Trending: Vision Zero – Laying the Foundation in Nevada

Vision Zero LogoFatalities are up in Nevada, especially for those on foot. We have committed people working diligently to stop this trend and they are looking at applying a new approach. Vision Zero (VZ) was born in Sweden twenty years ago, and is given credit for reducing fatalities in Sweden and the European Union (EU) by 90 percent!  Continue reading “What’s Trending: Vision Zero – Laying the Foundation in Nevada”