Families Remember Loved Ones Lost on New Zero Fatalities Memorial Site

Zero Fatalities launches site for families to share their story and help save lives on Nevada’s roads

In Loving Memory Header

On March 17th Zero Fatalities launched a new webpage, “In Loving Memory.” In Loving Memory is a place to memorialize the lives lost on Nevada roads and remind survivors that their driving choices make the difference in striving for zero fatalities. Continue reading “Families Remember Loved Ones Lost on New Zero Fatalities Memorial Site”

Always Buckle Up Campaign

Zero Fatalities Ad

If you’re not buckled, you may injure or kill someone else. It’s your responsibility. Make the right choice.

Being unbuckled increases the risk of injury or death to other passengers by 40 percent (Injury Prevention Journal). This statistic is the basis of the Zero Fatalities occupant protection campaign that ran from February 20 until March 19 on outdoor boards, TV, radio, social and digital media statewide. Continue reading “Always Buckle Up Campaign”

Marijuana-Impaired Driving Campaign

Marijuana Legalization InfographicA marijuana-impaired driving campaign began Monday, March 20, and will run for four weeks. The campaign’s focus is if you drive high, you will get a DUI. The legalization of recreational marijuana use in Nevada calls for education about traffic safety laws and the consequences of driving high.

Click here for more information and to view the campaign materials


What’s Trending: Red Light Cameras Save Children’s Lives

While not all intersection incidents are due to red-light-running, people run red lights for the same reason they perform other unsafe driving habits at intersections: distraction, inattention, speeding, and aggressive driving. In Nevada, as in other states, the main reason for unsafe driving at intersections is simple: people are in a hurry. Too often, the traffic signal’s yellow light has come to symbolize “hurry up” instead of “prepare to stop.” Nevada, a focus state for intersections, is working on strategies to reduce intersection crashes. One potential strategy is red light running cameras. Continue reading “What’s Trending: Red Light Cameras Save Children’s Lives”