The Zero Fatalities Program: Increasing Awareness and Influencing Behavior

Each year, Penna Powers works with the Nevada Departments of Transportation (NDOT) and Public Safety (DPS) to conduct quantitative research in order to assess public awareness of the Zero Fatalities program, as well as its influence on changes in behavior. The overarching goal is to achieve 70% awareness of the Zero Fatalities program by the end of 2017 and to ensure that there is a steady increase in safe driving behaviors. Continue reading “The Zero Fatalities Program: Increasing Awareness and Influencing Behavior”

A New Vision for Boulder Highway

Safety Meeting Photo
Front Row: Sherri Bush, Adrienne Packer, Tony Illia, Senator Mark Manendo, Judge Janiece Marshall, Michelle Nath, Congresswoman Dina Titus, Geoff Sample, Chelsea Stuenkel, Sgt. Peter Kisfalvi
Back Row: John Penuelas, Bill Ortiz, Ron Floth, Maggie Saunders, Nadia Fulkerson, Dorothy Pewitt, Erin Breen.

Last September, the Southern Nevada Pedestrian Safety Task Force decided it was time to have a conversation about safety along Boulder Highway (SR 582).

The bottom line is countless lives have been lost crossing the street. In the past five years there have been 1,700 crashes, 30 pedestrian deaths and 8 percent of the total fatalities for Clark County as a whole—an amount that warrants change. Continue reading “A New Vision for Boulder Highway”

2016 Cinco De Mayo Drunk Driving Prevention

Cinco de Mayo is a historical day celebrating Mexico’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. In the United States, Cinco de Mayo has become a day to celebrate with friends and family, eat some good Mexican food, and drink some cold brews and salty margaritas. But when it comes to road safety, Cinco de Mayo is not a day to be celebrated. Below are some national cold hard facts about “Cinco de Drinko”. Continue reading “2016 Cinco De Mayo Drunk Driving Prevention”

What’s Trending: NDOT’s Pedestrian Safety Program

NDOT is dedicated to traffic safety, and many NDOT road projects add important safety enhancements to keep us safe on Nevada roads. As part of that, NDOT is building approximately $10 Million in pedestrian safety improvements primarily in Clark and Washoe counties in 2015 and 2016. The funding will be used to construct pedestrian safety improvements, including enhanced crosswalks, pedestrian-activated crossing signals and other safety enhancements in Nevada’s urban areas. The engineering improvements in addition to integrated enforcement, public education, engineering and emergency response programs to save lives on Nevada roads. Continue reading “What’s Trending: NDOT’s Pedestrian Safety Program”

New Training Opportunity for Motorcycle Safety Instructors

The Office of Traffic Safety Nevada Rider Program has received approval to sponsor additional training for motorcycle safety instructors. All instructors will be given the opportunity to take the Accident Scene Management Bystander Assistance course. This course helps them remain certified as Nevada Rider motorcycle safety instructors and satisfies a recommendation from the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety to “Integrate a motorcyclist treatment component in first-aid/bystander training and encourage motorcyclists to obtain this training.” For more information, please visit