Nevada Traffic Safety Summit

Nevada Traffic Safety Summit LogoThe 2017 Nevada Traffic Safety Summit was held on May 23-25 at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. An annual gathering of traffic safety partners, industry professionals, educators, and advocates, Summit attendees met to discuss the challenges of traffic safety with respect to the ever-changing world around us. This year’s focus was to share best practices and ways we can work together to achieve a “Better Nevada Down the Road.” Approximately 250 representatives of the five “E’s” of traffic safety (Engineering, Enforcement, Education, Emergency Medical Services, and Everyone) attended this year’s safety summit. Continue reading “Nevada Traffic Safety Summit”

Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan Awards

Each year awards are presented to recognize hard work, progress, and significant contributions in various areas related to the SHSP in Nevada. This year, 11 awardees from Northern Nevada were recognized during the 2017 Annual Nevada Traffic Safety Summit in May. Awards were presented by Sondra Rosenberg, Assistant Director of Planning, NDOT, and NECTS Chair.  Continue reading “Nevada Strategic Highway Safety Plan Awards”

We Know Distracted Driving is Dangerous, Why Do We Do It?

Photo of Dr. Paul Atchley, PhDDr. Paul Atchley, PhD. and Associate Dean for the College of Online and Professional Education at the University of Kansas has been conducting research and speaking out to educate about the dangers of distracted driving. As eDriving’s award-winning Scientific Advisor, Dr. Atchley seeks to understand exactly what our brains do when we drive distracted. He has been studying attention to perception for over 25 years and tells us “the best ability our brain has is the ability to deceive ourselves.” Continue reading “We Know Distracted Driving is Dangerous, Why Do We Do It?”

What’s Trending: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications

Vehicle Communication ImageIt wasn’t that long ago that we were introduced to “The Jetsons” on TV and received just a glimpse of the futuristic technology that was bound to come around in our lifetime. Everything from home robots to automatic coffee pots, moving sidewalks to jetpacks. But one of the most futuristic things we remember from the show was the Jetson’s futuristic “flying automobiles.” Continue reading “What’s Trending: Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications”

Focus on Safety – Safety Tips for Pedestrians

ePEDemic Infographic

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has been working hard to increase pedestrian safety. From infrastructure improvements including more medians and redesigned roadways to raising awareness about the dangers to pedestrians and bicyclists, FHWA in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) looks to provide leadership, expertise, and resources to communities across America to combat pedestrian related crashes. Below are just a few safety tips for pedestrians, courtesy of the NHTSA. Continue reading “Focus on Safety – Safety Tips for Pedestrians”