Walking School Bus Program

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One of the most exciting times for a child is when mom and dad let them start walking or riding their bike to school with their friends. Many parents are reluctant to do so for fear of the safety concerns that arise when their children are of age to have these privileges. Providing a safe and fun environment for our children to walk or ride to school safely can help alleviate parents’ reluctance to let them go. This is where the worries end and the Walking School Bus Program begins. Continue reading “Walking School Bus Program”

RTC Washoe Complete Streets Master Plan

The Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County (RTC) is in the process of developing a Complete Streets Master Plan to identify the RTC’s long range strategy for complete street treatments on regional roads in the Reno-Sparks Metropolitan Area. This plan will address safety, traffic flow, and connections for all modes of travel. Continue reading “RTC Washoe Complete Streets Master Plan”