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TREND In Focus: Nevada Non-Adjudicated Distracted Driving Citations

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The March 2022 Issue of Nevada’s Traffic Research and Education Newsletter (TREND) includes a descriptive analysis of distracted driving citations.

Distracted driving is a dangerous driving behavior associated with increased risk of serious injury and fatalities. Distracted driving can encompass a range of behaviors that diverts attention away from the road including eating or drinking, talking to other passengers, adjusting audio or climate controls, and most notably using a cellphone. In the state of Nevada, it is illegal for any driver to talk or text on a handheld cellphone or any similar device while driving (NRS 484B.165). This TREND in Focus analysis investigates the demographic information of Nevada distracted driving citations from 2018-2021 (N=72,797). For additional details we encourage you to explore the full newsletter at the following link: TREND 11.2, and the simplified visualization of this analysis in Infographic 5.2.