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Zero Fatalities 10-Year Anniversary 

The year 2021 commemorates the 10th year of Nevada’s industry-leading and life-saving Zero Fatalities program. In honor of the 10th anniversary, Zero Fatalities will tell the story of how the program has impacted Nevadans over the past decade by championing the life-saving critical mission of getting every road user home safely.  

The year-long celebration will leverage new and ongoing engagements, events, outreach, and campaigns to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Zero Fatalities program; the work of the people, partners, and grantees with whom the program collaborates; and an ongoing commitment to achieve the ultimate goal of Zero Fatalities on Nevada’s roadways.  

In honor of the 10-year anniversary, Zero Fatalities launched a new program tagline “Lives are on the Line.” Replacing the decade-old tagline, “Drive Safe Nevada,” the new tagline conveys a sense of urgency and responsibility for all Nevadans to take action to reduce, and eventually eradicate, roadway fatalities because Lives are on the Line. 

To continue momentum throughout the year, each month of 2021 will celebrate and look back at a different year of the Zero Fatalities program on the 10th of every month. Each month will highlight the influential personalities, milestones, and events that made the Zero Fatalities program what it is today. Video highlights will be promoted across all media channels including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and the Zero Fatalities website.  

The Zero Fatalities program will continue amplifying its message locally and statewide through marketing efforts, grassroots engagement within the community, and public forums such as multi-faceted behavioral campaigns, impactful press placements, and engaging in current events. Additional resources and information on how to promote safe driving, walking, and biking behaviors can be found here.

For additional information and for resources on how to get involved, please follow Zero Fatalities on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.