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Traffic Safety Communications – How One Conversation Can Save a Life

With roadway fatalities heading in the wrong direction, it is up to all of us currently working in traffic safety to take every opportunity to save a life, and that might simply start with a conversation. Whether it’s an opportunity to give a presentation, something as simple as a tweet, or a conversation in passing at a grocery store, it is up to all of us to make an everlasting impact on the traveling public. Working together, we can find a collective tone to express a sense of urgency that lives are on the line. Learn more about how the State of Nevada is eliminating fatalities on Nevada’s roadways through our communication efforts and how you can help.

Andrew Bennett, Public Information Officer, Office of Traffic Safety

Andrew Bennett is the Public Information Officer for the Office of Traffic Safety. Prior to his time with the Office of Traffic Safety, he has passionately been working towards the goal of Zero Fatalities in the State of Nevada for the last eight years with several different traffic safety organizations. His first-hand knowledge of education, enforcement, emergency management, and engineering is exemplified in the relationships he has established at all community levels, from students and educators to first responders and elected officials.

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