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Northern Nevada Vision Zero Task Force

In October 2017, Northern Nevada partners joined forces and created a Vision Zero Task Force. Task force members include:

  • The cities of Reno and Sparks
  • The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
  • Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT)
  • Nevada Department of Public Safety (NDPS)
  • Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) Office of Traffic Safety (OTS)
  • Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority (REMSA)
  • Renown
  • The Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Washoe County
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas Vulnerable Road Users Project
  • University of Nevada, Reno
  • Washoe County Health District, Air Quality Department
  • Washoe County School District Safe Routes to School Program
  • Members of the public concerned about safety

The Vision Zero Task Force supports the national movement and Vision Zero strategies. Vision Zero approaches traffic deaths as a public health crisis and defines traffic violence as a systemic problem that demands a multidisciplinary, comprehensive approach to solve.

Pedestrian crash data for each focus area (shown on the right) has been collected over a five-year period. The Vision Zero Task Force is using the data to identify trends and determine what proven strategies will help save lives, prevent severe injuries, and increase physical activity while benefiting the environment and local economy and advancing equality. These strategies include lowering speed limits, redesigning streets, implementing meaningful behavior-change campaigns, and enhancing data-driven traffic enforcement.

The pedestrian data collected for each focus area has been compiled into graphs, charts, and maps, including a graph of time of day and season-specific trends, pedestrian actions, driver actions, serious- and fatal-injury pedestrian crash locations, lighting conditions, pedestrian crashes by age group, driver impairment, and pedestrian impairment.

The task force is now transitioning from collecting data to creating action plans for each focus area. The goal is to create action plans for each focus area and then plan implementation strategies. For more information on the Northern Nevada Vision Zero Task Force, please contact Rebecca Kapuler at rkapuler@rtcwashoe.com or 775-332-0174.

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