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Cars and Cops Program

This school year, Zero Teen Fatalities launched a new sub-program designed to keep teen drivers safe on the road. Cars and Cops is a 45-minute, hands-on interactive high school event that partners with local automotive maintenance providers and local law enforcement to teach teens about basic automobile maintenance and what to expect when interacting with local law enforcement. Teen drivers will receive a hands-on walk around of a vehicle, including:

  • How to jump start a dead batteryCars & Cops Logo
  • How to check tires for proper inflation levels
  • How to change a tire or use the spare
  • Review the seven major fluids and where they are located
  • Proper driving and mirror position
  • Items to keep in your car
  • How to install snow chains (for northern Nevada)
  • Interactive opportunity for teens to experience a possibly stressful situation in a controlled environment
  • Education on what to do and what to expect when being pulled over

This program was launched in southern Nevada at Bonanza High School and will be featured statewide throughout the year at high schools who have partnered with Zero Teen Fatalities to share these important messages with their teen drivers.

For more information about Cars and Cops or any of the Zero Teen Fatalities programs, visit ZeroTeenFatalities.com.