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Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor Training

Recently, the Attorney General’s Office and Department of Public Safety, have added a new position: Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor (TSRP), designed to provide law enforcement in the all of rural counties (all counties except Clark and Washoe) with a highly skilled prosecutor to assist with training and technical support in improving DUI investigations and prosecutions. Also, because of the recent passage of Question 2, the ballot measure approved by Nevada voters that will authorize recreational marijuana, there will be specific training related to the new marijuana laws and how it impacts impaired driving cases. The new TSRP for the rural areas is Chris Halsor, veteran prosecutor, former Colorado TSRP, and expert in all aspects of impaired driving and specialized expertise in marijuana impaired driving.

Over the next few months, Chris will be visiting all 15 rural counties, to provide an overview training of the Nevada TSRP program and the services that it can provide to law enforcement and prosecutors. Part of this outreach will be to determine needs for each jurisdiction so that future training can be tailored to fit to each jurisdiction.