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Always Buckle Up Campaign

Zero Fatalities Ad

If you’re not buckled, you may injure or kill someone else. It’s your responsibility. Make the right choice.

Being unbuckled increases the risk of injury or death to other passengers by 40 percent (Injury Prevention Journal). This statistic is the basis of the Zero Fatalities occupant protection campaign that ran from February 20 until March 19 on outdoor boards, TV, radio, social and digital media statewide. Buckled passengers increase the risk of death or injury to other passengers by 40%.

The target audience for this campaign was men ages 25-34, and the objective was to educate the audience about the importance of always wearing a seat belt. Penna Powers has been monitoring impressions, reach and frequency to track the campaign’s success. After the campaign is complete, Penna Powers will collect the results and prepare a report by the end of April 2017.

Watch the video for this campaign here.