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What’s Trending: Twinkle Treat Baskets

Twinkle TreatsIt’s a fact—pedestrian crashes are four times more likely to occur on Halloween than on any other day of the year. Almost all of these pedestrian crashes occur from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. – while children are out trick-or-treating. Eighty-four percent of these tragic crashes occur in the middle of a neighborhood, not because children aren’t looking, and not because drivers aren’t looking for them, but simply because drivers can’t see these children clad in their dark Halloween costumes, especially in poorly lit parts of a neighborhood.

Enter the Twinkle Treat Basket, the invention of Soo Clinton who almost hit a trick-or-treater in 2011 because of poor visibility on Halloween night. After the near tragedy, Soo set out with her family to create something that would help drivers see youngsters trick-or-treating in their neighborhoods.

twinkle-treats-img2The Twinkle Treat Basket is an interactive candy carrier for Halloween that is motion and vibration-activated, with light and sound displays that can be seen from 100 yards away. This gives drivers the needed time to see and react and help to avoid these unfortunate crashes. In addition, the Twinkle Treat Basket sounds off with a “Thank you for the Candy” and “Happy Halloween” each time a child collects on his or her Halloween haul.

This year Zero Fatalities and Safe Communities are partnering with the inventors of the Twinkle Treat Basket to help eliminate those crashes. The team will receive more than 1,000 baskets for upcoming Trunk-or-Treat events in Southern Nevada including the 1st Annual Run, Walk, and Roll (See below); the UMC Trauma, LVMPD and CCSD Police for Trunk-or-Treat event; and National Night Out.


For more information please see www.pedsafe.vegas or register for the event at www.active.com.