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What’s Trending: New Technologies for Child Seats

Shopping for a car seat for baby is one of the first things a family buys before bringing home their new bundle of joy. But not all car seats are created equal. Technically, every car seat sold in the U.S. must pass Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213. They are all considered “safe”, however, it’s rare that they are used properly by the purchaser. Photos: Child Safety

Car seat manufacturers are now more than ever adapting car seats to be more convenient and easy to use for parents, grandparents, and caregivers. Incorporating the newest technology into their car seats has become a high priority for manufacturers. Whether it be easier to install, have side impact protection, a new and improved seat belt system, or an actual smart chip to let you know that your child is in the car, here are some of the newest improvements in child seat technology:

Evenflo Sensorsafe™ Technology – Upon arriving at your destination, the new Sensorsafe™ Technology built into the new line of car seats by Evenflo will give off a series of chimes reminding you that a child is present in the car seat. Additionally, this handy feature will also alarm you if the chest clip becomes unbuckled during your drive.

Mifold Grab-n-Go Car Booster Seat – This new addition in booster seats is 10 times smaller than past booster seats and holds the seat belt down instead of lifting a child up into the position of an adult like most booster seats. It does this in three places – at each of the child’s hips to hold the belt down against the bones and keep it off the stomach, and at a third clip that pulls the seat belt chest strap down correctly onto the bones of the shoulder and away from the face and neck.

RideSafer® Travel Vest – The RideSafer® Travel Vest is a compliant alternative to the standard car seat and booster seat. Designed to use with vehicle lap-only belts (RS2 only) or lap and shoulder belt, the RideSafer® Travel Vest is easy to use, easy to carry, and is so ergonomic a parent can comfortably fit three children in a row in one vehicle. The RideSafer® Travel Vest positions the vehicle’s seat belt properly away from the abdomen and child’s neck while lowering their center of gravity. In addition, the innovative energy absorbing design of the vest helps to distribute a crash force over a wide area of the body instead of just the width of a seat belt, decreasing head injuries.

These options are compliant with the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS 484D.495 and 484B.157) correlating to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 213, “Child Restraint Systems” (49 CFR 571.213). For more information please visit Evenflo http://evenflo.com/sensorsafe/; Mifold http://www.mifold.com/; and RideSafer® http://ridesafertravelvest.com/.